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Blood Tests

Blood tests will include a range of investigations to exclude medical conditions associated with infertility (such as thyroid or pituitary gland problems). They will also include a hormonal profile analysis to assess for the current function of the Ovaries and whether the woman is ovulating herself. An AMH (Anti mullerian hormone) level can give an insight as to the Ovarian reserve and fertility outcomes for the woman. If the woman is known to have polycystic ovaries (PCO) on ultrasound we will also perform blood tests to assess for the severity of the condition and its management options.
A viral screen including a screen for HIV and Hepatitis is necessary for all couples requiring infertility treatment such as IVF and IUI.


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From the first consulation with Mr. Davis | immediately felt confident in his abilities and expertise. He explained everything | needed to know about endometriois and PCOS so that we could make decisions to fix the problems and avoid fertillty issues...