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Fertility Care London

If you are looking for help with conception in London, there are a range of centres offering fertility treatment across the city. However, before you choose a provider for your fertility care London based, it is essential that you research the clinics that offer assisted conception, as there is some variation in the service they provide. For instance, some may not offer the specific fertility treatment you were hoping for, so may not be able to meet your needs. Equally, others may not adopt a fully holistic approach to fertility care, so may not advise on lifestyle changes that may promote natural conception before considering assistive techniques. The success rates also differ between fertility clinics, so you will want to find one that has helped more couples to successfully conceive. However, the specialist should be honest about your chances of success, as this can vary between couples depending on their situation. For these reasons, Mr Colin Davis is an ideal choice to provide your care.

Fertility Assessment London

Although 25% of cases of infertility are unexplained, if you have not had a thorough investigation into your fertility problems before, Mr Davis will offer this when you first attend his fertility care London clinic. Both you and your partner are encouraged to take part in this assessment to find the cause of your infertility, as around 30% of the time male infertility is the reason and 40% of the time conditions that affect conception are found in both partners.

Female fertility assessment involves blood tests and scans of your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Assessing levels of female hormones can show whether you are ovulating, which stops in polycystic ovaries. Measuring levels of other hormones can diagnose medical problems that can affect ovulation, such as an underactive thyroid, as well as indicating your ovaries' ability to produce eggs and the likely success of fertility treatment. An ultrasound scan can meanwhile show structural problems, such as blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids and an unusually shaped uterus, which can hinder your fertility.

Analysis of sperm is important when assessing male fertility, as reduced sperm count, sperm mobility issues or abnormalities in your sperm can all affect the likelihood of conception. If you make little or no sperm, further tests may be needed to identify the cause, as a tube blockage or low testosterone levels may explain this.

Fertility Treatment London

If your problems conceiving have an identifiable cause, Mr Davis can advise on treating an underlying condition as part of his fertility care London. For example, if a woman has polycystic ovaries, losing excess weight, making dietary changes and taking regular exercise may help to restore ovulation, though medications are also available to help with this. Alternatively, hormone therapies and surgical procedures are available to treat endometriosis and fibroids. However, when there is no clear reason for infertility or treatments to manage an underlying health problem do not aid natural conception, Mr Davis will discuss the techniques he can offer to assist conception, as IVF is not the only option available.

In cases where female infertility is caused by the lack of ovulation, it is often possible to induce ovulation with the aid of medications. These are available as either tablets or a daily injection, and work by enhancing levels of follicle stimulating hormone to encourage your ovaries to produce eggs. You will receive an ultrasound scan to check egg production and advice on when intercourse is most likely to lead to conception.

Meanwhile, intrauterine insemination, also known as artificial insemination, introduces fast-moving sperm to the uterus close to ovulation to increase the chances of conception. This is considered when intercourse is difficult, not possible or in cases of unexplained fertility, but to be a suitable candidate tests must show that your fallopian tubes are clear to allow fertilisation to occur.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a very similar process to IVF for couples to go through, but in this technique sperm are injected into the egg. This means that where male infertility is the issue, couples no longer need to consider using donor sperm, as a low sperm count and sperm that cannot penetrate the surface of an egg are not a bar to conception.

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