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Fibroids Treatment London

With a diagnosis of uterine fibroids, if you suffer from uncomfortable symptoms, the growths in your uterus are large or they are likely to affect your fertility or a future pregnancy, treatment is advisable. There are numerous centres offering fibroid treatment across the capital, but it is essential that you choose a consultant who is experienced in the management of uterine growths and who will discuss the different treatment options available with you, allowing you to make an informed choice about the action you take. For effective fibroids treatment London based Mr Colin Davis offers a professional service and delivers high standards of patient care.

Medical Fibroids Treatment London

If you have smaller fibroids, but you suffer from heavy periods, medications are available to help manage your symptoms. Some these drugs use hormones to reduce blood flow. For instance, an intrauterine system that releases a progestogen can slow the growth of your uterine lining, which allows lighter blood loss each month. Alternatively, oral or injected progestogens also have a similar effect on the lining of your womb, as do contraceptive pills. However, non-hormonal medications can also reduce blood loss such as Tranexamic acid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ponstan.

As part of your fibroids treatment London clinics may instead advise medication to reduce the size of your uterine growths. Medications referred to as gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogues enhance oestrogen production, which leads to fibroid shrinkage. These drugs temporarily halt your menstrual cycle, so help if you suffer from heavy, painful or prolonged periods, but as they also reduce the size of your fibroids, they additionally relieve abdominal pressure, urinary frequency and constipation. If surgical removal of your fibroids is planned, you may also take these drugs before the operation.

Surgical Fibroids Treatment London

If you have severe symptoms or if medications have not been able to successfully manage the growths in your uterus, your gynaecologist may advise a surgical procedure to remove your fibroids. Although a hysterectomy guarantees that the growths won't return, as this is a major operation, other surgical options are used when possible. An alternative way to remove larger fibroids is by a myomectomy. It may be possible to complete this via keyhole surgery, though open surgery might be necessary if your fibroids are particularly large or their position doesn't allow a laparoscopy. However, if your fibroids are smaller and located within the cavity of your womb, another procedure is open to you called a hysteroscopic resection. During this operation a special instrument is inserted into your uterus via your vagina to cut away the growths. Your fibroids treatment London clinic will advise which of these surgical options are suitable for you.

Non-Surgical Fibroids Treatment London

Besides more traditional surgical treatments for uterine growths, you might be a candidate for non-surgical options such as uterine artery embolisation or endometrial ablation.

If you have large fibroids, a uterine artery embolisation is an alternative to a myomectomy. In this procedure the blood vessels supplying your fibroids are blocked and without a blood supply your fibroids shrink. The blood flow is blocked by injecting a chemical, which is introduced to your uterus via a blood vessel in one of your legs. Unlike with surgical procedures, you will have a local anaesthetic while receiving this treatment, though you will still usually need a short hospital stay afterwards and to rest while you recover from the procedure. You may want to bear in mind, however, that the impact of uterine artery embolisation on pregnancy is unclear as yet, so if you are planning a pregnancy in future, you might prefer to try another form of treatment.

If you suffer from heavy bleeding or your fibroids are small and within the lining of your uterus, you may wish to try endometrial ablation. This removes your uterus lining, either with the aid of laser energy, heated fluid within a balloon or a heated wire loop. This is a quick procedure, usually performed as an outpatient and again it is possible to have a local anaesthetic. However, as miscarriage is more likely after endometrial ablation, your fibroids treatment London specialist will probably advise against this if you want to have more children.

If you are looking for expert advice to manage fibroids and you are based in London, choose Mr Davis. His surgical knowledge and skills, along with his excellent track record, make him an excellent choice for fibroids treatment London. Phone now to book a consultation.


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