Pelvic infections or PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease) are common and may cause irregular bleeding, bleeding in between periods (inter-menstrual bleeding) or bleeding after intercourse (post coital bleeding). Infections can be sexually transmitted or due to a change in your body’s normal vaginal bacteria (possibly due to illness or other medical therapies). Infections are diagnosed with a range of swab testing which are analysed by specialists called Microbiologists. Once the infection is correctly identified, treatments will be offered. The early diagnosis and treatment of infections (especially sexually transmitted ones) is of utmost importance to prevent long term damage to the inside of the body and possibly cause infertility or chronic pain.


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From the first consulation with Mr. Davis | immediately felt confident in his abilities and expertise. He explained everything | needed to know about endometriois and PCOS so that we could make decisions to fix the problems and avoid fertillty issues...