IVF Treatment London

If you and your partner live in London and are unable to conceive, in vitro fertilisation is one of the fertility treatments available to you in the capital. In IVF an egg is removed from your ovaries then fertilised in the laboratory using sperm, before returning the embryo to your uterus. However, as IVF doesn't guarantee pregnancy, it is essential that you choose your IVF treatment London clinic carefully. Opting for an experienced specialist in assisted reproductive techniques enhances your chances of success, but also makes sure that you have the necessary support during the process. With his expertise in reproductive medicine Mr Colin Davis is many couple's first choice for fertility treatment.

IVF Assessment London

Before you receive fertility treatment, it is important to explore the cause of your infertility, as this will show whether IVF is the most suitable option for you. If you have not undergone infertility investigations previously, Mr Davis will carry out a detailed assessment of both you and your partner with the aid of blood tests, semen analysis and imaging studies. This can identify whether an underlying medical condition is affecting your fertility, which treatment may restore. However, if you have damage to your fallopian tubes or severe endometriosis, or there is a minor problem with your partner's sperm, IVF is suitable. This is also the case if the reason for your infertility is unexplained. After a full assessment of your infertility by Mr Davis you can be sure that IVF is the most appropriate fertility treatment for you.

IVF Treatment in London

When confident that IVF is a viable option to help you conceive, Mr Davis will explain what the treatment involves, as well as discussing the risks associated with the procedure. This ensures that you have enough information to make an informed decision about IVF treatment London.

The first stage of IVF is to suppress your monthly cycle with the help of drugs. This is followed by a course of follicle stimulating hormone injections to boost the number of eggs produced by your ovaries. During this phase you will return to the clinic to monitor egg production with the aid of an ultrasound scan. It is then time for egg collection, where under sedation a fine needle is inserted into your ovaries to retrieve the mature eggs. After this your collected eggs are fertilised in the lab using your partner's or donor sperm. Mr Davis will discuss with you before you begin treatment how many embryos will be transferred and while this is usually two, sometimes a third might be introduced to your uterus. A pregnancy test will finally show whether implantation was successful and you will go on to receive further follow-up.

Mr Davis will talk through the potential problems you may encounter during IVF, as while the risks are low it is important you are aware of these before you commit to treatment. For instance, although mild, you may experience side-effects from taking the fertility drugs. Rarely, you may produce too many eggs when your ovaries are stimulated, causing swollen ovaries. An ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo implants in your fallopian tubes is slightly more likely with IVF, though an early scan as part of your fertility treatment London checks that the embryo is growing as expected. Finally, when introducing two or three embryos to your uterus, there is a chance you may have twins or triplets, which can place you at higher risk of certain pregnancy complications. However, the majority of women who have multiples have a healthy and successful pregnancy, and the value of implanting more than one embryo is always weighed up against the potential risks of doing so.

Choosing IVF Treatment London

With so many clinics offering fertility treatment across the city, this can complicate the decision of where to have your IVF treatment London. However, knowing the following information about Mr Davis helps you to be confident in your choice of fertility specialist:

  • He has extensive experience of IVF and is currently the operational lead clinician for fertility at St Bartholomew's Hospital, Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • He adopts a patient centred approach to treatment, so always puts your needs first and tailors treatment to meet your requirements
  • He has high success rates thanks to taking a holistic approach to care, assessing needs on an individual basis
  • He is able to offer time-lapse embryo imaging, a new technique that increases success rates in IVF
  • He undertakes IVF at CRM London.

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From the first consulation with Mr. Davis | immediately felt confident in his abilities and expertise. He explained everything | needed to know about endometriois and PCOS so that we could make decisions to fix the problems and avoid fertillty issues...