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An obstetrician is a specialist doctor who cares for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy until birth. Colin Davis is an experienced obstetrician understanding how to deal with pre and post natal problems that may occur during pregnancy, delivery and the immediate weeks after delivery. He also provides reassurance and specialist support to all pregnant women under his care even women who anticipate a problem free pregnancy.

You may choose an obstetrician to assist you during pregnancy if:

You are a woman who may be at higher risk of problems during pregnancy or delivery You who have pre-existing medical problems You have experienced problems in previous pregnancies You may have had fertility treatment & be at higher risk of pregnancy related problems.

Please do not hesitate to contact Colin Davis You can arrange care during your pregnancy with Colin Davis yourself by contacting us directly or by contacting your GP and being referred.


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For all further information, if you have questions or to discuss treatment please contact Mr Colin Davis on:

Telephone : 0207 034 5000 Fax:0207 034 5080 Email:

From the first consulation with Mr. Davis | immediately felt confident in his abilities and expertise. He explained everything | needed to know about endometriois and PCOS so that we could make decisions to fix the problems and avoid fertillty issues...