Baby Delivery

Some women would like the reassurance of a consultant-led birth for their baby. They may want an expert on hand in case the birth doesn’t go according to plan or if the pregnancy is high risk. Women who come from outside of the UK may prefer a consultant-led delivery because it is closer to their country of origin’s form of maternity care. In the U.S.A, for example, babies are routinely delivered by obstetricians.

Some choose private maternity care because it can offer more choice than an NHS delivery. A caesarean section, for example, can be booked if the mother-to-be desires one. The ability to choose the type of birth gives women more control and leads to greater satisfaction over the birthing experience.

Mr Davis delivers babies at The Portland Hospital – the UK’s only independent private maternity hospital with an on-site neonatal intensive care unit for babies who are born prematurely or who have additional medical needs. Women who choose him to deliver their baby will also have access to the facilities and services at the Portland. Some of the advantages of having a baby privately include:



Women who opt for an NHS hospital delivery won’t be able to develop a patient relationship with one particular midwife who will see her in the antenatal clinic and be there when her baby is born. The midwives allocated depend on who is on duty at the time and they may never have met the midwife they see when they go into labour. At Conception, Birth and Beyond, Consultant Obstetrician Mr Davis will conduct all ante-natal checks and he will be there to deliver the baby too.

Extra Reassurance


Women in higher risk categories may find consultant care reassuring. Women over 40, those who have had a stillborn child, mothers with medical conditions and twin gestation are all examples of pregnancies that require doctor-led care.

24 Hour Anaesthetist


If stronger pain relief is required, the expectant mother is guaranteed an anaesthetist will be there. No one will tell her that there isn’t one available.

Holistic Birthing Options


Holistic birthing options are available for women who want to try natural birth but in the safety of a hospital. Water birth pools, birthing balls for active labour and birthing stools are all available. If the mother-to-be is interested in trying hypnobirthing (hypnosis to induce a state of relaxation during birth) then midwifery staff can assist Mr Davis and help make this possible. Relaxing muscles and breathing evenly during contractions may reduce the pain. On the other end of the spectrum, a planned caesarean is available for any woman who wants one.

Nursery Care


If a new mum is having a caesarean or she would like to rest after the birth, full nursery care is available for her baby. Mothers who need an instrumental delivery (ventouse or forceps) may also find the extra pair of hands invaluable.

Lactation Consultant


All mothers delivering at The Portland Hospital are offered a consultation with a lactation consultant to help them get breastfeeding off to a good start. Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for a baby and has several benefits for mum too.

Room Service


24 hour room service is available when admitted as a maternity in-patient and chefs can cater for most diets including to accommodate those with allergies.

Superior Facilities


All rooms have television sets, air conditioning, direct dial phones and en-suite bathrooms.

Dads Welcome Too


Dads don’t have to go home once the baby is born. If they want to stay and get to know their newborn, they are welcome. Visiting hours are of a long duration, allowing siblings to spend good quality time with their new brother or sister.P

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