Journey to Rouen in France to Observe Complex Laparoscopic Laser Surgery for Endometriosis

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At lunchtime on Thursday 15th January 2015 I journeyed on the Eurostar to Paris, Gare Du Nord in the company of a colleague. We drove from Paris to Rouen, which was two and a half hours away and met the Rouen University Hospital team to discuss using specialist laser treatment, plasma jet for cases of endometriosis. On Friday 16th January 2015 I observed a four hour laparoscopic operation on a 30 year old lady, who was experiencing severe pain and infertility associated with endometriosis. Using the latest 3D equipment that is now available at The Princess Grace Hospital, surgery was performed to remove the areas of endometriosis and free and mobilise the bowel as well as treat the ovarian cyst and open the fallopian tubes. This was indeed a very successful operative procedure using the plasma jet Argon laser. We had a team debrief meeting after surgery with the university team and discussed collaborative ways of managing women with endometriosis. It was indeed a great pleasure observing and discussing the management of these cases with my colleague Professor Horace Roman, Professor of Gynaecological Surgery at Rouen University Hospital. The techniques that I have observed and learnt will be of great benefit to my patients in London. I look forward to carrying out advanced techniques for the management of this important condition.

IVF Treatment in London

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After your fertility assessment has been completed you will be given the chance to discuss a care plan with obstetrician and gynaecologist Mr Colin Davis. If invitro-fertilization has been indicated as your best option, there are several types of IVF:

Stimulated IVF – Stimulated IVF is the most established form of IVF and uses a variety of hormone based medication to over-ride the natural menstrual cycle so that fertility specialists can retrieve larger numbers of eggs to maximise the chances of conception. Drugs used could be:

Clomifene Citrate (Clomid) – This stimulates ovulation by encouraging the ovaries to produce more eggs.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Gonal F and Luteinizing Hormone – These hormones, given by injection, stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. These may be used if the patient hasn’t responded to Clomid.

Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) – This is the pregnancy hormone. This is produced by cells that form the placenta. Its function is to tell the corpus luteum to produce progesterone. Progesterone keeps your period away after you have conceived. In the context of IVF, HCG is used as a trigger shot to stimulate the release of eggs.

Semi-Stimulated IVF – This type of IVF is also called mild IVF. It uses fewer drugs than the standard form of IVF and it is based on the woman’s natural cycle, rather than a medically simulated one. This means the cycle is around two weeks – shorter than with a drug regime – and it carries a lower risk of developing side-effects like ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It is also more cost effective.

Natural IVF – Natural IVF is when invitro-fertilization is carried out with no drugs at all and relies entirely upon the woman’s natural cycle. Ultrasound technology allows fertility specialists to observe when a woman’s eggs have matured. They can then be retrieved for fertilization in a lab. This option is cheaper than standard IVF and is sometimes chosen by women because they don’t want to have stimulatory drugs or they have previously had side-effects from them.

Reasons you might need IVF include problems with the fallopian tubes, those with low egg reserve, those who have failed to respond to other treatments and couples with male factor infertility. If the male partner has a low sperm count, only one is needed for direct injection into the egg and only those of a good quality are chosen for use in an IVF cycle to give you both the best chance to conceive. IVF treatment London could give you the best chance to realise your dream of a family.

Consultant Obstetrician in London

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If you are looking for a consultant obstetrician in London, Mr Colin Davis from Conception, Birth and Beyond is a qualified and caring obstetrician who can see all his clients through from pre-conception to the post-natal phase. He can provide reassurance if it is taking you longer to conceive and carry out a full fertility MOT. This can be useful to women over the age of 36 who wish to start a family and want to know their current fertility status. If there are any barriers to conception, such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids, you

will have access to advanced gynaecological minimally invasive treatments so that you no longer have to put up with pelvic pain have the best chance to get pregnant.

Mr Colin Davis can also provide assisted reproductive technologies such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI), IVF and ICSI if you need a little help to achieve your dream.

If you have conceived naturally, you may prefer obstetrician care because you have a medical condition, you’ve had several previous pregnancies or you are an older mother-to-be. You may not anticipate problems but still prefer obstetrician led care. Whatever your reasons, you will be in safe hands.

When you are pregnant, you can be assured of a sensitive one to one service for the best care for you and your baby. Ante-natal checks include blood pressure and urine checks, abdominal examination and ultrasound scan to view the size of the baby, its location and to detect any abnormalities. Additional scans are also offered at 12 weeks, 20 weeks and 34 weeks.

Mr Davis will also deliver your baby at the Portland Hospital. This gives you the benefit of knowing and having a trusting doctor-patient relationship with the medical professional who will assist you during the birth of your baby. In midwife led NHS hospital births, most women don’t meet the person who will deliver their baby until they are in labour so you can feel confident in the continuity of care you will receive on the most important and life changing day of your life.