Deciding to Try Again After a Miscarriage

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Deciding to try for a baby again after having a miscarriage is a big step for many couples. Although most miscarriages are chance events that don’t increase the risk of having another miscarriage in the future, many people still feel anxious. Seeking miscarriage advice from your doctor can help to reassure you that these worries are normal and the risks are low. It can also be an opportunity to get some advice to help you to get pregnant. Talking to your partner, your doctor, and other people can also help you to decide when the time is right to try again. You need to feel both physically and emotionally ready.

Your Fertility After a Miscarriage

Most miscarriages are one-off events that are caused by chromosomal abnormalities or other issues that meant the embryo could not survive. Having one or two miscarriages does not mean that you are more likely to experience problems with future pregnancies, and your fertility won’t be affected. It is often possible to get pregnant again right after a miscarriage, although it can take a few months for your cycle to return to normal. This means that you will need to use contraception until you feel ready to try again.

Seeking Advice

If you are worried about trying again after a miscarriage, you can always seek miscarriage advice from your doctor. Even if all you need is some simple reassurance, it can help to talk to an expert about your concerns. If you are feeling anxious about your pregnancy, you might also want to consider choosing consultant-led antenatal care when you do get pregnant. Although there isn’t usually any increased risk of complications after a miscarriage, it can help to put your mind at rest if you know you are being cared for by a specialist

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