Journey to Rouen in France to Observe Complex Laparoscopic Laser Surgery for Endometriosis

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At lunchtime on Thursday 15th January 2015 I journeyed on the Eurostar to Paris, Gare Du Nord in the company of a colleague. We drove from Paris to Rouen, which was two and a half hours away and met the Rouen University Hospital team to discuss using specialist laser treatment, plasma jet for cases of endometriosis. On Friday 16th January 2015 I observed a four hour laparoscopic operation on a 30 year old lady, who was experiencing severe pain and infertility associated with endometriosis. Using the latest 3D equipment that is now available at The Princess Grace Hospital, surgery was performed to remove the areas of endometriosis and free and mobilise the bowel as well as treat the ovarian cyst and open the fallopian tubes. This was indeed a very successful operative procedure using the plasma jet Argon laser. We had a team debrief meeting after surgery with the university team and discussed collaborative ways of managing women with endometriosis. It was indeed a great pleasure observing and discussing the management of these cases with my colleague Professor Horace Roman, Professor of Gynaecological Surgery at Rouen University Hospital. The techniques that I have observed and learnt will be of great benefit to my patients in London. I look forward to carrying out advanced techniques for the management of this important condition.

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