Managing the Symptoms of Endometriosis

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Since there is not yet a cure for endometriosis, treatment usually focuses on managing your endometriosis symptoms. If these symptoms are severe, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the endometrial tissue. However, in most cases treatment will focus on pain relief and hormonal therapy.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

Pain Relief

Simple over the counter painkillers can be very effective for managing endometriosis symptoms. The best option is usually a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen. You should start taking the NSAID a day or two before you expect your period pains to start. It can help to relieve the pain once it begins, but it can also reduce the inflammation that is causing problems. In most cases, over the counter painkiller will be enough, but if your symptoms are very severe your doctor may recommend trying a stronger medication.

Hormonal Treatment

Another common way of controlling endometriosis symptoms is hormone treatment. Endometrial tissue is very sensitive to your hormone levels. The hormone oestrogen encourages endometrial tissue to grow and shed. Its levels can be brought down by taking the contraceptive pill, having a Mirena IUS fitted, or using other forms of hormone treatment. This should help to reduce your symptoms.

Other Options

Although NSAIDs and hormone treatment can be very effective tools for managing the symptoms of endometriosis, it can still be difficult to live with this potentially painful condition. It is important to get the emotional support you need in addition to medical care, whether this is from a friend, a forum online, or a local support group. Taking good care of your general health can also help you to feel better, so you should do your best to eat well and get regular exercise. It can also help to find something to take your mind off things when your symptoms are bad. You might find that taking up a new hobby, having a long bath, or going for a walk outside can make your symptoms seem less severe

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