Seeing a Fertility Specialist

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When you decide to seek fertility treatment, it is easy to assume that you will simply start IVF treatment right away, but there are actually a range of different treatment options, ranging from medication to ICSI for in vitro fertilisation. When you see a fertility specialist in London, you won’t begin treatment immediately. You should be prepared to talk about your fertility first and to be patient while your doctor conducts a fertility assessment.

Talking about Fertility

Your doctor will want to know about your medical history to help work out why you may be having fertility problems. You will probably also be asked about your attempts to conceive, so you should be prepared to talk about how often you have been having sex and how long you have been trying. Some people feel a bit embarrassed talking about this kind of thing at first, but there is no need. Your fertility specialist at the London clinic is a professional who has heard it all before. Finding a specialist who puts you at your ease is important, so you should make sure you pick a doctor you can talk to comfortably.

Getting a Diagnosis

After talking to you about your health and attempts to conceive, your fertility specialist will probably want to conduct some investigations to find out why you are having trouble getting pregnant. Men may need to provide a sperm sample so that the sperm count and motility can be assessed. Women may need more tests as it may be necessary to take a blood test to check hormone levels and to conduct an ultrasound or other tests to check for problems with the womb or ovaries. Although you may feel impatient during this initial assessment period, it is very important to have these kinds of tests when you first see a fertility specialist in London. You might feel that you want to begin your fertility treatment immediately, but it is important for your doctor to understand exactly what is going on so that you can get the best treatment for you.

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