What To Expect When You Wake Up After A Hysterectomy

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Waking up from a general anaesthetic can be disorientating, but it helps to know what to expect after your hysterectomy surgery at a hospital in London.


Recovering from General Anaesthetic

When you wake up, you may still feel a little bit drowsy from the anaesthetic. You might find that your memories of just before the operation are a little bit hazy too. Your throat may feel a bit sore and dry because of the breathing tube used during the operation, and some people can feel a bit nauseous. You could feel sore, tired, and slightly confused too.

It can take a couple of days for the effects of anaesthesia to wear off completely, but you should begin to feel a bit more like yourself within a few hours of waking up from your hysterectomy surgery. You will need to stay in bed for at least a day, but the nurses at your hospital will be there to help. You should feel free to ask them if you need anything and make sure you tell them if you are feeling sick or experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Recovering from Surgery

After you wake up from your hysterectomy in London, you will probably start to notice the tubes, dressings and other hospital equipment around you, which could include:

  • A dressing over your surgical wound
  • A drainage tube to carry fluid away from the wound, usually left in for a day or two
  • A gauze pack inserted into your vagina to prevent bleeding, if the procedure was performed vaginally, usually left in place for 24 hours
  • A catheter inserted into your urethra to drain urine from your bladder, which will usually be left in place overnight, until you are ready to get up
  • A drip in your arm to keep you hydrated

All of this can be overwhelming at first, but remember that the nurses and support staff are there to answer any questions or help if you are feeling any discomfort.

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