When is Watching and Waiting the Best Option for Fibroids Treatment?

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Getting the right fibroids treatment can make a big difference if you are suffering from severe symptoms such as heavy periods or pelvic pain. However, if you are not experiencing symptoms or they are very mild your doctor at the London clinic may recommend watching and waiting instead. 


Why Wait to Treat Fibroids?

Watching and waiting is only recommended when symptoms are absent or very mild and they aren‘t causing any negative effects on your health. Under these circumstances, there won’t be any benefits to having the treatment as it won’t change how you feel or improve your health. Since all medications and other fibroids treatments carry some risk of side effects, it is best to avoid using them when possible.

Watching and waiting can be a particularly good idea if you are close to the menopause as fibroids usually shrink after this. Your symptoms could, therefore, disappear by themselves, without any treatment. However, if you are planning to have children in the future, your doctor at the London clinic may recommend treatment even if the fibroids are currently asymptomatic in order to minimise the risk that they will affect your fertility. You may also need treatment right away if the fibroids are growing fast or are positioned in a way that could block the fallopian tubes, affect the blood supply to the womb or cause other health problems.

What Happens Next

After you and your doctor have agreed to watch and wait, your condition will be monitored regularly to ensure that the fibroids remain small. You should also inform your doctor if you start to experience symptoms or if your condition grows worse. If this happens, your doctor will explain the options available for fibroids treatment in London, including medication, uterine artery embolisation and surgery. The doctor will help you to find the right treatment approach to relive your symptoms and protect your health.

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