Why It’s Important to Speak Up About Period Pain?

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Period pain is something that we often put up with and dismiss as a normal part of being a woman. We may not even bother to tell our doctors about it, and if we do there is still a chance that they will tell us it isn’t a medical issue. However, painful periods can be a sign of many common gynaecological conditions that could result in serious complications if they are not treated. It is therefore essential to speak up about period pain, heavy bleeding and other menstrual problems and to see an endometriosis and fibroids specialist for diagnosis.

endometriosis and fibroids specialistWhen Should You See a Doctor?

Period pain can be a sign of many different conditions, notably endometriosis and fibroids. It can also take a serious toll on your quality of life by making you feel sore and unwell for several days each month. For many women, period pain can be severe enough to interfere with their work, family life, relationships and everyday activities. Many of us continue to ensure this level of pain while assuming it is normal, but if your period pain is bad enough to prevent you from doing the things you want, you should see a doctor.

Seeing a Doctor

Some GPs are very aware of the potential causes of painful periods, but others may not be as keen to look for a gynaecological cause. If your usual family doctor isn’t taking your concerns seriously, it can help to see a gynaecologist instead. Gynaecologists are endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids specialists who have many years of experience in identifying the causes of unusual or severe period pain.

Diagnosing these kinds of conditions can be tricky because the symptoms vary so much between women and over the course of the menstrual cycle. It can even be difficult to determine the right course of treatment once a diagnosis has been made. For example, a fibroids specialist may recommend something as simple as waiting to see if the symptoms improve or something as significant as a hysterectomy if the symptoms are severe.

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