How Endometriosis Affects Your Fertility

If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, you may be wondering whether it will affect your ability to conceive in the future. Most women who are affected will be able to get pregnant naturally, but there is a risk that having endometriosis could make it more difficult, especially if you are not getting the right treatment.

The Effects of Endometriosis


Endometriosis affects everyone differently, so it won’t always have an effect on your fertility. Most women with mild endometriosis will have the same chances of conceiving naturally as unaffected women of the same age. However, if you have larger growths or adhesions in your reproductive system they can cause problems. A build up of scar tissue could block your fallopian tubes, preventing the eggs from moving down towards the uterus and making it more difficult for the sperm to reach them.

Fertility Treatments When You Have Endometriosis


Getting treatment for your endometriosis is the best way to protect your fertility and give yourself the best chance of conceiving in the future. The right treatment for you will depend on the severity of your endometriosis, where the growths are located, your age and any other factors that could be affecting your fertility.

  • Drug treatments for endometriosis can help to increase your chances of conceiving.
  • Surgery to remove growths blocking the fallopian tubes are usually the most effective way to improve fertility when you have endometriosis.
  • Certain kinds of fertility treatment can also help if you have endometriosis. For example, when you have IVF the eggs are removed from your ovaries. The fertilised eggs can then be placed directly into your uterus, without having to pass through the blocked fallopian tubes.

Endometriosis During Pregnancy


Although having endometriosis can sometimes make it a little harder to get pregnant, the good news is that your condition won’t have any negative effects on you or your baby during pregnancy. You should be able to enjoy a normal, healthy pregnancy with no increased risks.

You may still experience some pelvic pain or other symptoms of endometriosis, especially during the early months. However, many women find that their symptoms improve a little once they are no longer going through their usual menstrual cycle each month. The symptoms will usually return after you give birth.

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