What Types of Fertility Problems Can Be Treated With IVF?


If you have undergone a fertility assessment and a specific reason has been found for your fertility problems, you may be wondering whether IVF will be able to help. The way that IVF treatment works means that it is able to bypass certain types of fertility problems that affect the chances of the sperm and egg meeting successfully. However, it isn’t able to help in every case and there are some kinds of fertility problems that can’t be tackled with IVF.


How IVF Helps


IVF treatment can help you to get pregnant when there is a fertility problem that is making it difficult for the egg and sperm to meet. Eggs and sperm will be collected and brought together in vitro. Once fertilisation has taken place, an embryo can then be placed in the womb, where it will hopefully implant itself in the uterine wall.

Fertility Problems That Can Be Tackled By IVF

  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes that prevent the egg from meeting the sperm or reaching the uterus.
  • Low sperm count, mobility or other issues that make it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. In severe cases, individual sperm cells may need to be injected into each egg during in vitro fertilisation to maximise the chances.
  • Abnormalities in the cervix or vagina that make it harder for the sperm to enter.
  • Problems with ovulation that cannot be treated with fertility drugs alone.
  • Any combination of the above problems, as many couples have more than one issue to address.

Other Fertility Problems


If your fertility assessments weren’t able to detect a specific cause, your doctor may still recommend trying IVF as it could help. However, there are some limits to what IVF can achieve:

  • IVF requires reasonably healthy sperm and eggs, whether these come from you or a donor.
  • Conditions that prevent the embryo from implanting in the womb can’t be treated with IVF, unless you are using a surrogate.
  • Some conditions that affect your fertility may also increase the risk of pregnancy complications or miscarriage. Having IVF can’t prevent these problems, even if it is able to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

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